Medical Equipment Financing: What are Your Options?

Advanced health care equipment is key to the provision of high-quality care to patients. A medical facility needs to have modern testing and treatment equipment to not only cope with competition, but also remain effective in its health care practice. You can acquire state-of-the-art medical equipment through various means, such as:

Cash Purchase

If you're a well established practitioner and can afford expensive medical equipment, cash purchase may be a good option. The problem with this approach is that it eats into plenty of your working capital. Many medical facilities would rather spend their working capital on core day-to-day activities rather than new advanced medical equipment. Click here to learn more about medical equipment financing.

Medical Equipment Financing

Certainly, MRI equipment, laser devices, x-ray machines, operating table, etc don't come cheap. That's why medical financing is a very ideal option to many healthcare centers that wish to preserve their working capital while managing to give their patients the best possible care. The major financing available to you are: medical equipment leasing and loans.

Typically, a healthcare facility gets in touch with a medical equipment financing company for this kind of assistance. The financing company has well-established relationships with equipment vendors, so finding the right equipment for you is no big deal to them. It's also possible to come up with a payment plan that's tailored to your specific financial needs. To get more ideas about medical equipment leasing, go to .


Medical equipment leasing is an option that allows establishments to acquire any equipment they need without paying any upfront costs. Their only financial obligation is to pay monthly fees for the duration of the lease. The option is extremely viable and it offers many benefits, including freeing up working capital and tax deductibles. Equipment acquired this way is available for use right away, though it does not belong the medical facility using it.


A loan is also another way to finance the acquisition of your medical equipment. The required upfront payment may vary from financier to financier, and it's usually a percentage of the medical equipment you hope to buy. The medical equipment bought this way belongs to you once you're done repaying the loan. Loans are more expensive though, with the possibility of interest rates of up to 5%. Know more about the tetra financial group .

So if you need to acquire state-of-the-art medical equipment, there are numerous options for you. The most viable plan is medical equipment financing. This approach is great for healthcare centers that don't wish to leave a mark on their working capital.